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Check out our Current Packages and offers available

** Newborn Sessions to be booked between 28th & 32nd week of pregnancy **
We are delighted to offer you our unique Packages tailored to your needs. 

Any of the Packages can be upgraded once your session is done. 
Each Package is explained in detail below. 

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Please Note 
The deposit is NON REFUNDABLE. 




This Collection includes 5 prints in 6x8inch.
This is a Baby Only Collection. 
There are 2 set ups done on the day. 



Collection II includes 10 prints. 
The photographs are printed in 6x8inch. 

There are 2-3 set ups done on the day.

The session takes up to 60 minutes. 
Corresponding High Resolution files are optional : +€100 .




Collection IV includes Baby, Siblings & Family shots.
There are 4+ set ups done on the day. 
You receive 25 prints. 
                          5 prints in 8x10inch.
                          19 prints in 6x8inch.
                    1 Canvas in 12x16. 
All Corresponding Digital files from the session.



BABY'S FIRSTS Collection

Maternity Session including 5 prints. 
Newborn session including 5 prints. 
Sitter session including 5 prints. 
First Birthday session including 5 prints. 





Collection III includes Baby, Siblings & Family shots.
There are 3-4 set ups done on your session. 
You receive 20 prints. 
                             5 prints in 8x10inch.       
                    15prints in 6x8inch.
This Collection includes corresponding 
High Resolution Digital files .



Perfection Package takes 2hrs in total. 
All Digital images included.
35prints included. 
                               10prints in 8x10inch
                              25prints in 5x7inch

                                      1 canvas in 12x16inch. 
There are at least 50photographs in total. 
Baby, Siblings, Family & Extended Family included.
Complimentary Sitter Session ( 6-9months) with 5 prints in 5x7inch.
There are 7 set ups done on the day. 



Digital Files are only included in Collection II +. If you'd like to add it on to your Collection I, an additional Charge of E250 will be added to your package. They will be sent to you through an Email. No USBs will be provided. 
Extra print starts from E25. 

If you wish to purchase all of your photographs from your session, please send us a message. 



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