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7 Things you didn't know about Me

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

You probably didn't know, even if you're following us on Insta or FB, that : 1. Even though I have absolutely no problem and I really enjoy talking to you all when we meet during your session, I am terrified at Public speaking! I am going to make it my ultimate 2021 goal to overcome this fear though as it has been way too long and I definitely feel like this is keeping me back.

2. I love to Dance. Ballroom, Latino have always been my number 1 and I am NOT leaving the dancefloor if I'm already on it, doesn't matter if the music isn't playing no more ;)

3. I will not fall asleep if I haven't showered. I know I know... oh, and the book has to be read also.. even just a page! I woke up recently at 1am and ran downstairs only to finish the chapter....

4. 1 diary isn't enough. Never. Copies, books and Pens are my ultimate favourite ! It takes me a Bit to write the number 5. I wanted to tell you that I'm Polish but I think most of you know it anyway so I need to find something that is more complex and not so obvious. ok, ok. I know, 5.I am such a Risk Taker, you probably wouldn't believe me ;) There are a lot of things I really don't pay much attention to & a lot things I do not care about. Because they are the little things for me. I do not worry about the little things. Im painting My Big Picture, with my very own Brushes. 6. My biggest fear is Death. In any shape and form. But I am learning to accept this and I am learning to let it go. 7. I would spend all my money on Travelling hands down! Seriously, I feel trapped now .... but were almost there... almost there ;)

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