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Introducing my groundbreaking E-Workshop for aspiring newborn photographers: The Art of Simplicity in Newborn Session.

Are you ready to elevate your photography skills and create captivating newborn moments with minimal props? My comprehensive course is designed just for you.

Unlock the secrets to capturing the purest essence of newborns with minimal props and accessories. Learn the art of posing babies in ways that evoke warmth, emotion, and authenticity. This expertly crafted E-Workshop guides you through every step, from setting the perfect lighting to creating a seamless newborn experience.


What sets us apart? The emphasis on simplicity. We'll teach you how to achieve stunning results using only the essentials, allowing your talent to shine through. No need for a truckload of props – just your camera, your creativity, and our expert guidance.

If you are a Beginner and dont know where to start, this course will transform your newborn photography skills and with help you start making money right away! 

E- Workshop The Art of Simplicity in Newborn Photography by LeMelle Photography

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