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Announcing Christmas Sessions in Sept?

You might think Im out of my mind to announce them so early! But I give you at least 3 reason why this is the best decision I made about it. I usually don't announce them until around November, its always nice to have Halloween Celebrations first. This year is different, Everyone is getting ahead of the time and Ive been planning Xmas sessions in ... JULY this year, just because ... 1. Pandemic is still here, whether we like it or not. I totally understand its part of what we do and how we function now and I do need to plan ahead to make sure I follow all the rules and government guildelines. 2. Announcing our Minis so early gives my Clients a bit more time for preparations. They're going to have at least a month to get everything what they need. 3. We get to do the Minis earlier than we are used to ! and why is it important this year? Because we want to make sure that our Clients get their session done. Imagine if were going to be in a lockdown again.... I certainly wouldn't like to miss on the photos and to avoid this we need to get ahead of this. 4. Make sure people hear about them. Facebook & Instagram are hard these days, so we need to be creative with our ads. I hope you all understand and are as excited about these as we are !

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