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Christening as a big Celebration

This is a big one ! A baby's Christening is probably their very first big celebration and its the best time for Family gathering ! annnnd This is the best time for ME to come & capture this special moment for you. I will book your session with me by paying a non refundable Deposit. You also specify the location and the date of the event happening. I would be looking for your help Preferably few days before the event. I would need you to choose 1 person who would be able to guide me on the day, with a list made by you with names and Groups who is going to get photographed starting from Everyone Gathered. Dont worry If you cannot ask anyone for help, if you provide me with a list before hand I should manage it all ;) I also need to warn you, I make quiteeeee a bit of noise on the day, but hey! Were making sure everyone is visible right ;) ?

I think this is all explained as clearly as I can, please let me know if you would have any questions prior booking with me !

Yes, I do travel. Yes, I love it ! This isn't an ongoing event though. I do Christening Events ( Your specified location (To be Discussed) ) from May-September only. Please contact me and mention *Christening Sessions* if you'd like to book ! PLEASE NOTE: These have to be booked in advance so I can plan out the traveling.

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