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Viewing Your Photos

Tick Tock Tick Tock Have you ever used a photographer for any type of a session and the WAITING time to SEE your photos felt like forever? And then, your photographer said they will be her on an XYZ day and he was late ...even a day .. The frustration and the dissapointment I have felt when this happened ( I am soooo impatient!) .... When I opened up the studio I used to take photos on one day and schedule Viewing appointment for you to come back and see the photos then . This was super inefficient and I can't even believe how my clients could've waited for so long ! I got a bit smarter after some time ( aha!) and thought how cool would this be for my clients to see the photos immediately after their session ! Yes, this would stretch the time in the studio for them for a little bit, but imagine how much time in total they would REALLY save. Plus they wouldn't have to bring their newborn baby to the studio again ! Another Aha! moment for me !! So as of this time, All of my clients ( unless discussed on the day) are viewing and choosing their photos on the day right after their session. Is it Ideal ? ABSOLUTELY YES !! * Clients who are coming for a session with me, know my style and know how my photographs look like after editing, so they trust in the whole process - Thank You !!

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