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Buckets in Buckets with Buckets

Baby in a Bucket Pose ! I absolutely love this pose and so do My Clients !! Maaaaybe not the Littlest ones, but their parents do ;) Its a pretty hard pose to accomplish and not every newborn will like it. I often say this to my clients before I start setting it up. Why ? Some babies, especially the younger newborns are more curly. When the baby curls, they usually start with their back curling in their elbows, which then make it impossible to keep the hands on the edge of the bucket. They also need to be in a deep sleep, in order to stay still and sleepy! When preparing a bucket for the baby, I often place weights at the bottom. I know, babies are tiny, but Safety first !! Always ! I usually use Pink, grey or a blue bucket for Newborn Sessions. Flowers and a bench are also used to make the final image.

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