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Nappy On or Off?

I know a lot of worldwide Newborn Photographers like to photograph their models without the nappy. Whether it creates few bumps or is visible under the outfit It is always a question a starting photographer would have second thoughts on this. I personally LEAVE the nappy ON. Why ? Because it absolutely does not disturb my work ;) and makes my life a bit easier ;) and there's less disturbance in baby's sleep ;) *WIN-WIN-WIN* However if a client requests a pose which would require to take the nappy off, I have no problem in doing this IF NECESSARY. If I feel like this pose can also be done with the nappy on, I go with it ;) I ask parents for a new nappy so it doesn't take a lot of space in the outfit, just because the outfits are handmade and they only fit to a certain newborn size( unless they are made of stretchy fabric) .

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