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Autumn Outside Mini Sessions

To be honest with you, the Outside mini sessions were supposed to be done around well maybe 2 years ago ! yes ! this is how long I'm waiting, and this is how long my clients are waiting too ! And I almost did them I even had a poster and a date set. But something didn't feel quite right. I have always dreamt of doing a magical, unique and a special Outside mini sessions. It was my dream to play with colours to add some vibrancy and do something very different for my clients that I usually do ! I decided I will no longer wait. I have set a date for the 2nd of October and I have joined a Training course, to get all the education I want and need to create these for you ! I will do anything to make this work ! I think my clients so deserve it ! and on the plus side, I ll use my Children for Training purposes !!

I am also thinking about getting an acrylic option of a photograph to be printed on this time ! Lets create this magic together !! Fingers Crossed

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