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Deposit? Why though ?

Why do Clients need to pay a deposit? what is it used for ? and is it refundable?

A Deposit is simply a sum of money placed toward a session. Why do we take deposits of our clients ? The deposit is there for both of us, the photographer and the Client. It is the photographer's way of saying Don't worry, once your baby arrives ( special occasion arrives or whatever the reason you are booking your session with me.) I will have an availability for you! Its a promise kept from us to you. Its the Clients way of saying" Don't worry, I will be there!! "( There are times when the Baby is feeling sick and especially now, during the pandemic, we need to be extra careful ) . It s a promise kept from you to us. The deposit paid is placed toward your session. This means, whatever is left there to be paid ( depending on a package you choose), it has to be paid in the studio on the day of your session. Every studio and very photographer has their own deposit policies.

Is the deposit refundable ? If you decide not to go ahead with your session, your deposit is non refundable. If your baby is sick ? We will reschedule your session and the deposit will be placed towards that session also, there's no need to pay another deposit. ok, so how about I surprisingly got a voucher? Your deposit then will be placed towards your session with us. What if I won't be able to come ? If you won't be able to attend your session, you can either reschedule your session ( this needs to be done 48HRS prior your session ! ) or cancel your session all together ( if you won't make it, please let us know, this saves me 2 HRS of my precious time with my kids. ) I think that explains the topic of Deposits pretty well ;) have you any thoughts on this ? Anna x

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