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Do I plan Your session?

If you know me personally, then you know I am the queen of planning ! I plan absolutely everything. This doesn't mean that I do stick to that plan 100% but you can be sure the plan was written down but I probably wouldn't be able in which diary ( yes, I've too many ... ) But yes, I plan every session, depending on the Client. What does it depend on ? First of all , it depends on the baby's age. The poses are definitely different to a newborn session than they are to a First year session. It also depends if it is a Younger newborn up to 2 weeks ( ideal time ) of around 4 weeks. The Sitter sessions are a bit different to plan also, you need to consider if the baby is sitting unaided or if the baby needs support, if the baby has any special requirements, if the baby is crawling or has a reflux ( which usually is gone by this time, but every baby is different ) . Then we need to think about what type of props are we going to use, if Parents want just natural neutral look, if the parents prefer lifestyle session where we focus on the family and the love. If its a newborn session we might use a little pod, but we might not necessarily use it for a sitter session. Planning our 1year photos are on a totally different level altogether. We are talking about 3 different packages, also the theme or colour the parents are choosing, Baby's outfits and a cake! ( These will make a fantastic separate post for you also ! ) I also need to know whether you'd like to take a family portrait . ( Yes we do them ! & Yes they're optional, but I highly highly recommend getting one done while you're in the studio ! You'll be shown your gallery at the end of your session, look, if you take it you take it, if you don't, there's no harm at all ! Might be the best thing you did for yourself in years to come ! Siblings & the Ages. Probably the most important part of our planning because it all depends on them ! Toddlers and newborns are usually posed and done at the very beginning of our sessions. Why ? If you ever participated in our Session, then you know EXACTLY why ;) If you haven't and would like to participate, then you'll be glad we do them at the beginning, haha ! As you can imagine, it can really get crazy- a newborn, tired parents & a toddler full of life ! I don't think I have to add any extra ;)

If you see me with a pen and paper on the day of your session, that's probably what I'm drawing and writing down ;)

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