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"Fussy" Baby ? Bring them in !

How do I deal with Fussy Babies? I get this question asked A LOT !! Well, I don't really deal with them ;) They are all Babies, Just babies! We can surely handle them. First of all, we need to indentify what type of a "Fusser" were dealing with. Babies are so impredictable, yet you can predict them when you know the clues! 1. Check the nappy, perhaps this is the only reason that makes them uncomfortable and they cannot fall asleep or are twisting and turning. 2. They may be hungry! You know, babies do eat a lot. The nurses in the hospital said to me to feed Amelia every 3 hours, I surely did ! BUT.... there were days that this just didn't work ( Growth spurt?!Teeth?! ) and an extra dose of the golden milk was needed.

3. What about the heating ? Is the place heated enough ? or perhaps it may be too hot? Babies do not self regulate their body temperature so It is vital for us to take care of this for them & YeS! They love the heat.

4. what do they actually cry FOR ? Yes, there's a reason for every cry. As a new mom I had no idea there are different cries. I thought a Cry is just a cry. But you can actually distinguish between a Hungry cry & a tiredness cry. There is a Video on You Tube about it, please check it out its so good and makes your life so much easier :) IF the baby decides, they will NOT Sleep and won't settle for me, I swaddle them ;) It's probably the easiest way to make them feel relaxed and sleepy. I then rock them and they fall asleep in no time :) White noise is one of the best help there in putting babies to sleep also ! and again, YouTube ;) So If you're a momma being anxious about bringing your little one to the studio, don't worry ! We know all the tricks ;)

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