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How many HOURS ??

How long does it take to get Newborn photographs done? Well, I always say it really depends on the baby ! I cannot predict if the baby will cooperate or if the baby is going through a growth spurt that day and needs extra cuddles or another feed. The more experience the photographer has, the faster, smoother and comfortable it is for the baby ! If the photographer know how to soothe a baby effectively, it will obviously take less time and the baby will be much more happier. If the photographer know how to position the baby in the poses and transition them from one pose to another smoothly without waking the baby up, this is another advantage. Not only on the Timing but on they baby's comfort also. However, this is all in theory. Life is life and we cannot predict how the baby will react. Some babies will sleep from the beginning right till the end and some babies will wake up every time we touch them . What I have noticed from my experience that the girls are definitely more "Touchy" than the boys! However boys do like to suck on their dummies more intensively during the session ( which makes the session easier as they don't focus on our positioning but on the sucking so they don't mind us posing ;) ) Just to be clear, NOT ALL BABIES ARE THE SAME . Just because a girl A was harder to settle doesn't mean a girl D will be the same, and the same goes to Boys . This is also from my own personal experience. Some photographers may have totally different experiences and that is ok ! My sessions varies from 45 minutes till around 1h25min. This may be longer and may be faster depending on the little baby, the type of a session, Parents requirements, any special requests or choice of package. Types of Session Newborn session will take Up to 1 - 1,5hrs. Sitter Session will take up to 40 minutes. Toddler Sessions will take a split of a second ;) and Toddler's parents will definitely know why. Toddler Sessions are the only ones that I do not set the time for. Why ? Because its so impredictable ! Some toddlers will be fascinated from the very beginning and we will be dowe within 15 minutes and some toddlers will not even look at me for the first 45 ! Whatever the session, I always always go with the baby !! It will take as long as your baby will give me ;) Anna x

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