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Is Booking your session within Baby's 14 days a MYTH?

In my honest opinion, Yes & No is the answer I'll explain why. Yes, booking Your session within the baby's first 14 days is very important. It 1). Makes the session so much easier, from Photographers perspective, because the baby only sleeps and.. poops :) Most of the time ! So its easier for photog to pose them Shush them and make them fall asleep. 2). It probably should be number 1 ! It is easier for your baby!! Yes, your baby being only up to 14days gets better sleep during the session. is comfortable with us- the photographers with handling her/him and is definately easier for her/him to fall asleep if woken up. 3). Their skin is flawless. The truth is that after 2 weeks they start to develop baby acne of any kind ( if they're prone to it - some babies don't at all ! ), milk spots are appearing and any skin problems are also appearing after the 2 weeks. 4). Colic Pains are occurring after the 14days if you have a colicky baby. Its awful !! and I'm with every parent that has to go through it. It appears between 2-6weeks can be later and can last up to few months. It also usually occurs as a cycle, so it appears every day at the set time, literally like a clock :( 5). Posing. You know those sweet squishy newborn poses that we Awww to many times when we see them? They are done within the 14days time frame ( most of them ). Babies are the most flexible and they have their "womb "pose, something you'd love to capture on the photo to keep forever. No, I would advice and recommend to everyone booking within the 2 weeks timeframe BUT it is not a Must. Don't worry if your baby is over the 2 weeks time frame and you were not aware of it. This does not mean you Cant get the Newborn photos. Of course you can, Some poses may not be done due to baby's Flexibility and size, but of course its still manageable. If your baby is over 2 weeks, please contact us asap and we will surely make sure you don't miss out ! Anna x

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