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Its getting HOT in here !

If you have ever attended a Newborn session, the first thing you probably noticed was that it was really Toasty ! Yes, Toasty is the best word to describe how hot it is in the studio where a session is ready to begin. The right temperature that should be kept at all times is between 25-26,5 degrees celsius. WHY Though? Why would you keep it so warm inside ? Them main reason is that the baby cannot control their own temperature. That's why we need to do it for them. We need to make sure its not too cold ( as they will be cold really quickly) and not too hot ( heat rash will be on their little skin in seconds ! ) . We need to remember we keep the baby mostly naked or in the little outfit and were wearing our normal clothes to match the weather that day. No matter what we do, we are definitely going to be warmer than the baby ! :) I usually use 3 heatings in the studio. One directly beside the bed and where I take family portraits, One beside the door, to make sure we don't loose the heat through the cracks or when we open and close them & one in the middle of the room beside Parents sofa so when its baby's feeding time, its warm enough that baby doesn't have to be dressed up again. The heat also keeps the baby asleep. They love it ! Just a little hint, If the room is not warm enough, the baby will not be sleeping. simple as that. If you have a naked baby, all they look for is comfort. Thats why they love the skin to skin. The warmth and the closeness are the main reason ! What if its too hot ? I simply turn off the heater :)

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