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Laser Eye Surgery & Editing

I never knew I am that fast in making decisions ;) I have called and asked about Laser Surgery on a Monday and I was all done in 30 seconds on Friday same week.... I will not go into details about the pain and after recovery, but to tell you I struggled would be enough :) I was never aware my vision would be so blurry for around 2+ months after the surgery and saying this is the busiest season would be an understatement... So my editing had to be postponed for around 2 weeks !! yes, 2 weeks of not doing any computer work. it was like looking at Chinese symbols to me when I looked on the screen. Crazy! I am almost 3 weeks post surgery, my vision is still blurry and my editing abilities are not as good as used to, meaning I have to take extra breaks, I can't focus for long enough and I need to zoom in millions of times on one little detail to make sure I got it right for my Clients haha . I hope it will soon be better and I will be able to focus on my job !!

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