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My 3 Favs

There is so much we could talk about here.. I was contemplating whether I should talk about 3 fav things during my sessions, 3 fav things in general or 3 fav things in the life of a newborn photographer ... and all of those could make a very good post ! (Id think about these :) ) but I am actually going with my 3 Favourite POSES !! I think every newborn photographer has their favourite poses and even though The Sessions are usually our fav things to do from the beginning till the end, there are always GO TO poses on the day of the session.

My number 1 POSE is...... The Bed Touche Pose !

If I could do a pose on every session, this would be it ! Just look at the details on the face... look at that little Finger peeking out beside the face ..and look at those little toes! Babies usually love this pose as well as they feel so content and relaxed!!

Plus ! I do believe this suit every House, no matter what colour your walls are , this is definitely the colour scheme, the pose whether you'll have it in the baby's nursery or in the living room or above your kitchen table ;) Number 2 POST It has to be the Swaddling. I wouldn't be a newborn photographer If I would say this isn't the easiest pose ever ;) See, The magic and the Secret behind the Swaddling is that the baby actually do fall asleep in an instant ;) This is their womb post, this is how tight and safe they were in the belly. They absolutely LOVE it ! Yes, they do usually cry trying to wrap them up, but not because they don't like it but because there may be a bit more movement than usual and they're usually awake when we do it ;) Potato Sack is the number 2 pose, sure it has to be ;)

And the number 3... Its harder with this one... as I know its the last one I got to share here with you and I have to pick between my other favourites... Id say the Bed or the Hammock, But if the baby is under 2 weeks I would definitely go with the Hammock :) Its again, an easy pose. I usually transition them from the first pose, the Bed Pose, to the Hammock as if you look at the baby, the head stays in the same position, so you either only change the pillow or you don't have to and gently transition them from the bed to the hammock with their leg hanging on one side and another tucked under their Bum. Adding Flowers, leaves or whatever you wish is always a good addition and makes the photo complete.

That's it for the 3 favourite go to poses I use ;) I hope you Enjoyed it ! Anna x

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