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My Uniform !

I have been asked many times why do I wear a uniform when I can just wear whatever I want!? Of course I can. But You know how it feels being puked on a pooped on few times a week? If you're a parent then you do ! haha But being at work I needed something that I can throw to wash after each session, that will last me for a bit and that I wouldn't have to search and ask myself "what should I wear today " every morning. So I bought my uniform, which are personalised Medical Scrubs, purchased from @medgical . * The other day when I was doing my deliveries, I walked up the street and I met the client I was going to with their photos. She misunderstood that I will deliver them to me, but Thought " oh, I was supposed to pick up the photos at 2pm today " just because she saw my uniform ( the Pink doesn't stand out at all :D ) !! And this is something I really wanted to achieve through wearing the Bright Pink Outfit. That people will associate my Colourful Clothing with my Photos !!

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