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Parent's Anxiety before the session

Probably every parent ( usually the Momma ! ) is feeling so anxious about your baby's behaviour on their session day ! "Is my baby going to sleep ? What if he cries for a whole session ? What if we won't even get 1 nice photo ? What if a baby is going to be too stressed ? What if shell'he'll have an upset tummy? Should I even bring her/him in ? I don't know what to expect !!" This is probably what's going through a parents mind before the session ! DONT WORRY !! Honestly, the worst you can do is stress about it . You probably heard it so many times but yes, your baby can feel your emotions and can feel whatever youre feeling. Tension Anxiety stress or sadness. Relax Momma!! ;) We will take care of it. As a newborn photographer, we have dealt with so many DIFFERENT babies coming to the studio that we have had it all at this stage probably ;) The best you can do is not to expect anything from your baby and just come to enjoy the experience. We will take care of it all :) And please don't stress, its absolutely unnecessary ! Anna x

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