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Shhh Baby

a Little Trick that may help you when your baby doesn't want to sleep ! A little machine I use on every single session. The white and orange thing that is attached to my light. Its my go to little Gadget. I would say that probably 95% of Newborn photographers around the world uses one ! Why?! Because it works ! As you can probably imagine, our job as photographers, is to take beautiful photographs of SLEEPY babies. But in order to take the sleepy baby's photographs we need to make sure that those babies are and stay asleep most importantly ;) We need to make our job easy, because I can't hold our clients up forever :) A white noise machine ( This is how its called ) is making our job a wee bit easier. Some mommas are using YouTube for the white noise or Spotify as one of my clients shared with me recently. You can also get this little gadget and not worry about your constant battery run in your phone ;) The little one I use is called Baby Shusher, you can get it on Amazon for around 40$ . You're welcome !

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