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We weren't aware...

This really shook me... I recently read a post about booking your sessions in advance. Listen to this, I have been booking A LOT of Last minute babies, and I mean ALOT ! It was so hard on me because I never knew how many spots I have to leave to accommodate every little newborn ( yes, it would break my heart if I would have to say NO to a baby ) in a month. And it seemed like My Clients always contacted me once the baby was already born. I was wondering why this is happening ... And then it clicked !! Because I always said to my clients that Newborn sessions are best done between the 5th and 14th day, but never said WHEN is the best time to book them . And so, I have made it very clear on my Facebook Page ! Its between the 28th and 32nd week of the Pregnancy ! Making our life stress free. You don't have to worry about it as its all done and dusted ! and You don't have to worry If I would fit you in or now, And I don't have to worry where to fit all my babies in anymore <3 Life is good ! Anna x

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