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What is a Model Call

Today Id like to explain what a Model Call really is and what it Really Means to you as a Client and to us as Photographers. A Model Call is when a photographer is looking for a Model. Simple as that. A Model that they can either Train on, try new poses, try new Colours and props. A Model can also promote their Sessions that they will have in offer. A Model will also be used for portfolio building. A Model Call means that Parents usually do not choose any props, colours or have no control over the session, meaning that this is all planned and prepared by a photographer only. A Model Call is usually an once off opportunity and It's unpaid. A Model Call however gets beautiful photographs done on the day. The amount of photographs given depends on the photographer. This is done complimentary as a thank you for your time.

A Model Release needs to be signed by the Parents, meaning that the photographs can be used by a photographer. They can be used on Social Media, any websites etc. All Model Call Photographs should include a photographers Watermark also. I think that's everything ! Model Calls are a fab way of getting a Free Session done and pause the time with your little one ;)

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