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WHEN to Catch a Smiling Baby

There is a way !! Some parents say its not possible for a baby to genuinely smile that young and I usually hear them say that it is Wind. OF Course they smile !!! This is usually happening at the REM Stage of sleep. Im sure you've heard of that & I usually find that this is when the baby is going to give us beautiful smiles ! Its also a warning for me that I do need to speed up my job as the baby is about to WAKE ! So if you're trying to catch a baby to smile, this is your best timing. Make sure you've got that camera on ;). ! REM means Rapid Eye Movement. This is when a baby's sleeps but makes little movements, has little tweaks, moves or open their eyes a bit ( usually looking like a zombie! ) and then the smile appear ;) Id be only delighted to see if you have ever been able to catch a smile ! Send us a pic ;)

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