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Wish I knew this when My Girl was born....

I was a very fresh and young mother when I had my little girl. My heart was full and the hands were very, very full at that Time! When I was in the hospital, the midwives were so good and did their best to help me settle Amelia. First thing they did for me was Swaddle her!! Little did I know I will be wrapping other babies on a daily basis. Most Newborn Photographers around the world use this technique to either put the baby to sleep during their newborn session ( as it is the best way to effectively get them asleep without much effort ) or they even start their session with, Whats called a Potato Sack ! Potato Sack simply means wrapped and Accessorised with beautiful wraps, hats or hairbands.

Wrapping is probably the most effective way to get your newborn baby to relax. Despite the cries, that usually occur when you do try to wrap their little Hands first eat, they definitely do benefit from it when they're fully wrapped as You can see it straight away how relaxed they get and how great their sleep it. You know when Your baby wiggles their hands like they get a fright ? This is called a Moro Effect/ Moro Reflex. It usually occurs when s baby is startled with a loud noise or movement. It is Completely Normal ! Some babies would be more delicate and have this occur often and some babies are just not bothered by the sounds noise and they just sleep and don't care :) Joke, but you get the point ! let me paint this picture now .... Imagine being naked ... fully in a deep sleep ... dreaming and counting sheep ... relaxed ... and then suddenly someone startle you or bangs the front door shouting Honeeeeey Im homeeeee ! ... ...just remember... you're asleep! The fright you may get ... you feel it... But when your baby is wrapped, hands down and close to their chest curled up ( not when you're swaddling at home ) They feel much more secure as the Startling will not go as far ( they won't wave their hands so much as they're securely tight with the swaddle ) .. Your baby gains much better sleep and won't wake up as often ! its a WIN WIN !! I will try to get few photographs for you so you can take a look at the swaddling I reccomend to do at home Here is a step by step guide : 1. Place a cellular blanket down. 2. Fold 1/3 of the blanket ( just like you'd be folding it in half, but you're not going the whole way ) 3. Place your Baby in the middle of the blanket a bit down from the arms. 4. Keep your baby's hands down going parallel to their body) 5. Take one side and wrap the baby and put the end of the blanket behind baby's back. 6. Take the second end and do the same thing, keeping the hand down and place it under the baby . 7. Make sure the blanket is down around half of the baby arm so the baby wouldn't cover their face in any way at any time. 8. Keep an eye on the baby. Make sure they do not cover their faces at any time. I wish I knew this when my little Girl was born....

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